Mission Goals

Our primary goal and hope is that through our intervention a relationship with the individual(s) will be established which will allow the Gospel of Jesus the Christ to not only be heard with the ears, but seen with the eyes and received into the heart, leading to the ultimate gift: salvation and eternal life in Christ.

Our secondary goals are as follows:

  1. The establishment of a bi-monthly publication and a website through which the Gospel of Christ can be shared. And that other ministries can be revealed to the general population. For example, emergency/crisis housing, medical/dental, food, utilities and rent, as well as spiritual needs like prayer and healing ministries, etc.
  2. The creation of a Christ centered community of believers who can live together and exercise their giftings in a safe environment.
  3. The creation of a "greenhouse" where new believers can live and grow under the umbrella of protection of older saints.
  4. The creation of a launch site where those who have become mature in their faith can be sent out into the harvest and recreate this ministry.

In the scriptures, the Apostle Paul is shown to be in a covenant relationship with brethren from different branches of the Church. They support his ministry through prayer and finances. This covenant relationship is one of the most powerful on the face of the earth, for it is a covenant relationship based on the blood of Jesus the Christ. It is a relationship of the highest honor, and therefore of the highest commitment.

Update 10/2008: We have entered into the ministry of coming alongside other ministries to help and support them. One such group is a local church for the poor and homeless, Anawim, which is a Hebrew word roughly translated as 'the poor who seek God'.

Anawim is located in inner south-east Portland where many of the city's poorest now walk the streets. This is not your typical Skid Road mission, but a church of people who fellowship with one another, help one another, pray for and encourage one another. We serve a meal with each meeting, and yes, there are those who come only for the meal, or for the Movie night... but that's ok. Here is a place where everyone can be safe, cared for, accepted and loved.

We were introduced to this ministry that is pratically in our back yard by another ministry, Daniel Markoya who happened to drop in to our own Prince of Peace Fellowship. God pulled together all these people at just the right time. Daniel and his family travel from place to place doing whatever God sets before them, living by faith. He is a very gifted musician and has a powerful testimony to give.

Update 4/2009: In addition to helping minister through Anawim, Yvan has also begun a ministry of Art as Worship at Anawim on Tuesday nights. An art table is set up an hour before the meal for anyone to come try their hand at making art as an expression of worship. People of all ages participate, sometimes using art materials for the very first time (since childhood). Eventually we hope to have enough artwork to create an art show. Selling of artwork to help support the church and its members is secondary to having a body of work that tells a story about Jesus and those who follow him.