My Testimony

This is a testimony as to the birth of this ministry:

I have attempted to start many business ventures in the course of my life. With each attempt I have always felt compelled to give them a name that would reflect my faith in Christ. In 1997 I launched Faithwalker Enterprises. Little did I realize what effect this name would have on my life.

The first effect was that people began addressing me as Faithwalker as though it were my name. Both believers and non-believers alike would greet me in private and in public this way. Then people began asking me what Faithwalker meant. As a result I began having to share my faith in Christ on a regular basis. As the years progressed, the Lord began teaching me the deeper meanings of what it is to "walk in faith". As we all know (or should know), when God begins it is always an OJT (on-the-job-training) experience!

My financial situation became insecure... in fact, a lot of situations did, including my physical strength on which I had always leaned heavily. I found myself in the position of having to rely upon my faith in God's provision. I don't know if you can comprehend the fear of not owning anything, of having no assets except faith in God, no prospects of leaving an inheritance to anyone, and of being 55 years old. I must confess that there have been many times when I have become so depressed, so overwhelmed, that all I could do was blubber like an infant.

Now, I don't want to have you feeling sorry for me, nor do I want your sympathy. For this is all a part of the OJT. Remember, God said that "through the furnace of much affliction" He would refine us into fine gold. This has all been a part of the "furnace" experience. Just like the Apostles and the Prophets of old, and just like all the saints that have gone on before us, all that were worth a hoot went through the furnace... and they did it on a regular basis. Is it fun? In a word: NO!

Through all this training God has been ever faithful, and has opened many doors to many lives to minister the Gospel. It has been in the last year that I have been doing more ministering than gardening. As I have been talking with the Lord, He has been opening my eyes to an ever increasing darkness that is encompassing the world, even the small part of the world that I occupy. The root of this darkness is fear, and it is even penetrating the armor of the Elect to overwhelm them. I have heard, in the Spirit, the trumpet-call of summoning. The Lord is calling those whom he has been preparing for the dark days ahead. I feel I am among those brethren. It is as if we have been cloaked, walking about and revealing ourselves only at certain times. But now the call is to be uncloaked full time. What does it say in Romans 8? That the whole of creation anxiously awaits the revealing of the sons of God...

Hence Faithwalker Ministries. Will the ministry be unfurled as in this summary? Most likely not, for it is only a plan, a direction, a vision. We may choose the path, but it is our Father who orders the steps of His sons and daughters.

In any case, this is how I have arrived to this path thus far. And the journey is not over yet.

Your fellow servant in Christ,
Jeff Strong aka: Faithwalker